A law firm exclusive in the civil liability field, insurance and healthcare law

Cumlex Lawyers, based in Elche, Benidorm and Torrevieja, is a law firm with exclusive specialisation in the civil liability field, insurance and healthcare law. Some of our lawyers are university specialists in health law, together with training and continued judicial and extrajudicial practice and updated in health law and civil liability and insurance.


Within our specialization, we highlight:


  • Claim for compensation in traffic accidents: In Cumlex Lawyers we take care of processing your traffic accident file without any initial cost, providing legal assistance in extrajudical and judicial procidures, and offering quality medical assistance and rehabilitation that do not work for insurers, without any cost. Also, we collaborate with medical experts, biomechanical experts and other specialists in accident reconstruction to give a quality and complete service. We will study your case and inform you about its viability, receiving specific advice at all times during the recovery of your injuries. For more information you can visit our Traffic Accidents area.


  • Sanitary Law: In our firm, based in Elche, Benidorm and Torrevieja, we offer our knowledge and advise in sanitary law and medical malpractice to the victim or family members. We collaborate with medical experts specialised in the corresponding area. This is very important taking on account the current jurisprudence. In many cases it is not enough for a non-specialised medical expert, but we need an expert with the same speciality as the doctor who committed possible negligence (oncologists, internists, traumatologists…). It is important to have all your medical history, you can get it by requesting it in all health centres where you have had any appointment. If this information is denied by the health centres and is not possible to obtain all your information, we can take care of it and get it for you. For more information you can visit our Medical Negligence area.


  • Work Invalidity: We offer guidance and assistance to any worker who has any disability that prevent you from working normally. These disabilities can be partial or total to perform your work, or absolute for all types of work (partial permanent invalidity, total permanent invalidity, absolute permanent invalidity or severe disability). For more information, you can visit our Labour Disability area.

We offer a close, sincere and attentive service to our clients by being aware of their situation, often very delicate when suffering injuries and disabilities. We communicate with our clients without technicalities so that our clients understand their situation and possibilities.


At Cumlex Lawyers we offer a free legal study to our clients in order give them all the information they may need to know their possibilities and therefore of the viability of their case.

You can make an appointment in any of our offices in Elche, Benidorm and Torrevieja, by calling us 966163330 or contact us under one of the contact area.